Get a peek inside a spacious log home with a striking central fireplace

When considering a second home, many of us are drawn to the idea of owning a log home. They are simple to construct, cost-effective, and can offer a rich alternative lifestyle which gives you a base in a gorgeous rural setting.
A World Away is a custom-built log home boasting a contemporary country style which perfectly blends rustic warmth with the comfort of a real house. Constructed by Ward Cedar Log Homes in Indianapolis, IN, the floor plan encompasses 2,800 square feet of internal living space (260 square meters), set in three acres of serene woodlands. Shall we take the tour?
The exterior of the house is an attractive blend of varnished logs punctuated by the commanding stone chimney. The large deck has multiple entry points into the house, creating the perfect indoors/outdoors flow.
The contemporary construction encases a charming, modern living room which is a tasteful medley of wood, stone, and glass. The room is easily adapted to the seasons; airy in the summer, cozy in the winter.
The towering fireplace reaches all the way to the full height of the cathedral ceiling. It creates a grandiose living experience.
The main living area has an open concept with the kitchen and the dining room. The interweaving beams and posts combine to create an exciting aesthetic.
The kitchen, dining room, and sitting area are a social space where meals can be as formal or as informal as you please. This is what log homes are all about: bringing the family together for a simple, shared experience with few distractions.
The bedrooms are cozy spaces to retire to at the end of the day, accented by the lower ceiling and warm tones of the wood paneling.
When thinking about a second home, why look to the city? The countryside offers so much peace & quiet, and there isn't a better way to experience it than from a rustic-chic home.
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