Step through this artisan log home to the multiple expansive terraces out back

Upon first approaching the Full Scribe log home, one finds a well-built, robust cabin with an attractive yet unassuming entrance. The enormous dormer in the roof allows the natural light to reflect around the cathedral ceiling, creating an ever-changing interplay between the light and the wood inside.
While the cabin's interior is astonishingly beautiful, escaping to a woodland retreat is about enjoy the peace of connecting with nature. Log cabins always have delightful porches and deck areas which are perfect for whiling away the hours, soaking in the sights and sounds of the forest. This upscale log cabin was constructed by Artisan Log Homes and offers expansive terraces over three levels, with plenty of outdoors space which is conveniently attached to the house. Take a look...
The ground-level terrace opens directly onto the garden and has plenty of space for exercise equipment, sun loungers, and a large dining set. The mid-level terrace covers a huge area, while the master bedroom features its own deep balcony.
Inside the house, we find a kitchen which displays a high standard of construction and design. The room perfectly balances modern and classic, with the functionality of contemporary appliances and the styling of a rustic, country kitchen.
The large windows and high ceiling make the kitchen spacious and airy. It adds a sense of grandeur and creates the illusion of a room which is larger than its actual measurements.
Full Scribe is a fantastic example of an upscale modern log home. Taking a peek inside the sunroom, we find an elegant yet casual space to relax. We love how the beams converge to a point in the center of the ceiling, it highlights the shape of the room and is an exquisite design feature.
The great room also makes full use of the ceiling height, with a gorgeous stone fireplace which soars all the way up to the extremity of the house.
Looking up, we can see how numerous skylights brighten the floor plan from above.
Now this is what we really love to see - what an incredibly well-designed and executed construction. The interplay of wood between the staircase, the beams, and the ceiling is a work of art!
We love the natural light in the main living areas, but when it comes to sleeping there is nothing like retiring to a quiet and cozy space. The bedrooms are spacious enough to house rugged, comfortable furniture, ensuring a sound night's sleep.
Full Scribe has high-quality design features throughout, so we were not surprised to find a well-appointed bathroom. This oversized walk-in shower is a pleasure!
Planning on building your own log home? Just make sure you capture the views!
The Full Scribe is a great example of the direction modern log home building is heading. High quality, yet maintaining the rustic heart.
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